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2+2 pax


You can find the apartment “Farro” under the “Castagno” one, here quietness reign.

It is composed of a living room with a sofa bed, a kitchen, a double bedroom, a bathroom provided with a shower, hairdryer and a washing machine.

You can find a patio supplied with all facilities.




Apartment for 2 persons + 2 more persons
High season
Middle season
 Low season
  Jul 1st - Aug 31st May 1st - Jun 30th
Sept 1st - Oct 31st
Dec 23rd - Jan 7th
Easter and other festivity
Other periods
A week (6 nights) (euro)
540 480 420
At night (euro)
90 80 70
* heating 10 euro a day from October to April  
** kids under 12 half price  
*** every person more than the 2 persons provided might pay 20 euro at night  




Spelled is famous for being the basis of the diet of the Roman legions who set out to conquer what would become the Empire. It was mainly used to prepare bread, focaccia and polenta. The word "flour" itself comes from "farro".
With spelled flour it is possible to make bread with a more aromatic taste than wheat flour.
Spelled is one of the least caloric types of wheat, and it also contains the essential amino acid methionine, lacking in almost all other cereals; it also contains, compared to other cereals, good amounts of B vitamins and also proteins.

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(+39) 320 6245626 - 340 4618170

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