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2+2 pax


The apartment “Metato” is located on “Aia” and enjoys a beautiful panorama visible from the small terrace.

It consists of a living-dining room with kitchenette, sofa bed and a washing machine, a double bed or twin beds and a bathroom with shower and hairdryer.

The small housing is separate from “Aia” by a door that can be opened for the occasion to have both rooms.




Apartment for 2 persons + 2 more persons
High season
Middle season
 Low season
  Jul 1st - Aug 31st May 1st - Jun 30th
Sept 1st  - Oct 31st
Dec 23rd - Jan 7th
Easter and other festivity
Other periods
A week (6 nights) (euro)
540 480 420
At night (euro)
90 80 70
* heating 10 euro a day from October to April  
** kids under 12 half price  
*** every person more than the 2 persons provided might pay 20 euro at night  




The metato (or drying room) is a small building made of stone or brick, intended for drying chestnuts.
In the lower part of the metato a weak chestnut wood fire is kept burning, which is left to burn without flame for about 30/45 days; on the trellis in the upper part a layer of chestnuts of about 40/80 cm is placed; once or twice the chestnuts are turned to dry them evenly: it is a very delicate and laborious operation that must be carried out by experts.The degree of drying occurs with a simple method: periodically touches the architrave of the door. load (that of the upper floor), if it is wet the chestnuts must still dry completely, when it is dry you can proceed with a new load.

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(+39) 320 6245626 - 340 4618170

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